Why You Need Accurate Address Data

Most organisations with databases hold address data on their customers. This data can be outdated, inaccurate and unreliable if not maintained appropriately and verified regularly.

DirectAddress is Dataconversion’s address verification solution, allowing organisations in Ireland and the UK to capture and validate addresses to improve data quality.

Discussed below are some of the main reasons your organisation needs accurate address data to effectively run marketing campaigns and deliver services effectively.

Eliminate Duplicates

Real world data isn’t always perfect. Duplicate records are a common occurrence regardless of the type of the data. They often occur as a result of human error.

Your organisation should consider consolidating records to ensure you aren’t sending marketing communications to the same recipient multiple times.

Without proper address matching, it is incredibly difficult to discover households or remove duplicates, especially as there are a large number of variations when it comes to addresses.

De-duplicated records will ultimately improve the quality of your data, making it more reliable and providing a more accurate representation of your customer base.

More Accurate Marketing

When your customer address data is accurate and reliable, your marketing campaigns will be more effective. Ensuring your direct mail is reaching the correct household is of utmost importance when executing a campaign.

Direct mail isn’t a cheap form of marketing communications. Incorrect address data will increase the volume of returns and in turn drive up costs of the campaign.

Not only will this improved data aid with direct mail campaigns, but it’ll also improve accuracy of the marketing database demographic statistics.

Reduced Failed Deliveries

Incorrect or inaccurate address data results in deliveries going to the wrong location, resulting in products and services not going to the correct address.

With verified addresses along with the use of Eircode, failed deliveries and the time it takes to deliver packages and services is greatly reduced. As 35% of properties in Ireland share an address with another property, the unique Eircode for every home and business address can help everyone find the correct addresses easier.

Appending an Eircode to each of your customer address records is an extra step that can reduce the number of failed deliveries of goods and services.


Accurate address data gives your organisation a great overview of where your customers live, allowing you to plan where your services are popular and where can improved.

It similarly helps organisations that have a delivery element. As discussed on a previous blog post, address verification tools like DirectAddress can vastly increase efficiency and create smoother delivery processes.

Fraud Detection

Fraudulent orders continue to make up a small percentage of orders of goods and services. This can cost retail businesses up to 2% of their annual revenue.

Verifying addresses’ validity and cross checking with other customer information helps reduce the potential of fraudulent orders.

Address verification or authentication is often used as part of a multi-layered fraud protection system. This ensures that valid transactions are approved, and those deemed suspicious are declined.

While address verification in relation to fraud is not fool proof it is an extra layer of protection for your organisation.


DirectAddress is Dataconversion’s web API Eircode and Postcode solution. Using a lightweight jQuery plugin, it can be easily integrated with data capture forms on your website, your CRM or your database application system.

Harnessing the power of elastic search, the fast autocomplete functionality allows users to query a partial address string and drill down through a list of possible options in order to locate a specific address.

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