DirectAddress Feature Update

DirectAddress is Dataconversion’s web API Eircode & Postcode solution. It easily integrates with data capture forms on your website using a lightweight jQuery plugin, and with CRM or database application systems capable of using web-based APIs.

Since launch, the Dataconversion team have been busy working on new features to offer our customers. We’re delighted to announce three brand new enhancements to the product:

Shopify Integration

DirectAddress can now be integrated with the Shopify eCommerce platform. With DirectAddress integrated, visitors to a Shopify site can validate Eircodes, Postcodes and addresses within the page itself when at the website’s checkout.

With Shopify Plus and our API key, the Shopify theme can be edited to include the DirectAddress form. Improving the customer experience at the checkout can help reduce cart abandonment and improve your data quality.

Non-Unique Address Mapping

Approximately 35% of addresses in Ireland share their address with at least one other property.

With DirectAddress, users can easily pin-point the correct address through the use of our interactive map. This helps users avoid collecting incorrect address data.

Clicking on a pin displayed on the map can bring users to the full address details including the Eircode/Postcode.

DirectAddress allows users to easily navigate the mapping tool to identify properties and verify addresses. Try it out for yourself in our demo!

Polygon/Circle Mapping

Polygon/circle mapping allows DirectAddress users to validate addresses based on geographical location.

Drawing a polygon or circle on the mapping tool allows users to gather all of the addresses/Eircodes/Postcodes from a specific geographical location.

This is an effective tool for organisations that only serve specific areas or regions (e.g. delivery or telecommunication services).

To hear more about how DirectAddress can help your organisation validate and capture addresses, visit or contact us at or (01) 804 1298.