Why Switch to DirectAddress?

Other address search plugins often don’t allow users to verify their Eircode/Postcode, nor can they find and map addresses without a house name or number, forcing your customers to visit a different website to look for their Eircode. With a switch to DirectAddress however, these pain points are eliminated, and your organisation’s address data is greatly improved.

DirectAddress is Dataconversion’s web API Eircode and Postcode solution. Using a lightweight jQuery plugin, it can be easily integrated with data capture forms on your website, your CRM or your database application system.

The solution helps government agencies, couriers, retail, insurance and financial institutions capture and verify addresses easily.

Discussed below are some of the reasons you should switch to DirectAddress for your organisation’s address capture and verification needs.


Eircode Accreditation

Dataconversion are Eircode Accredited Encoders. This ensures a high level of matching and accuracy with appending Eircodes to address records.

With our accreditation, we have access to the 2.2 million residential and business address points through the Eircode framework, allowing us to create the most up-to-date address lookups and geocode files.

DirectAddress ensures that the latest data is being returned to users with every search.

Eircode Services

More Accurate Results

DirectAddress lets users get granular to easily find the address they’re looking for. With over 35% of addresses in Ireland being non-unique, where there is no house name or number within the address, this leaves a lot of ambiguity when it comes to address capture.

Multiple properties sharing the same address, makes it difficult for deliveries. With DirectAddress and Eircode, this issue is greatly reduced. Our solution also makes apartment search easy with our built-in mapping tool, allowing deliveries to reach the right address every time.

Search for your non-unique address in the DirectAddress search bar. The Elasticsearch feature will instantly return a number of options to you. Non-unique addresses will appear with a (More than one property found. View on map) option.

Clicking this will allow you to find a property on a map easily, providing you with full address details including Eircode/Postcode.


Better Platform Integration

DirectAddress works great with platforms such as WordPress, Wix & Shopify, allowing users to verify their address and Eircode without leaving your website. It can be integrated with the Shopify platform through jQuery, or using the Shopify App.

It can also be integrated with popular CRMs, including Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce.

Our team will do our best to ensure DirectAddress is appropriately integrated with your CRM system, eCommerce solution or website. The plugin can also be styled to match your website’s design and make it feel like part of the website.

To hear more about how switching to DirectAddress can help your organisation validate and capture addresses, contact us at directaddress@dataconversion.ie or (01) 804 1298.

Don’t forget to try out our demo on directaddress.ie!