Improving Deliveries with Eircode & DirectAddress

Eircode is Ireland’s first unique identifier postcode system which was launched in Ireland in 2015. Unlike regular addresses and postcodes which can define a large cluster of properties, each Eircode is unique to every property in Ireland.

Because Eircode is unique to every property, it brings great benefits to companies that rely on delivery or courier services, to ensure the right product or service is getting to the right household or business.

With our Eircode and address capture solution DirectAddress, delivery services and couriers can vastly increase efficiency and create smoother delivery processes. Discussed below are some of the main benefits of using Eircode and DirectAddress to improve your delivery service.

Faster Deliveries

Your delivery process speed can be impacted by inaccurate address capture software. DirectAddress is perfect for organisations that wish to speed up the address capture element of the delivery process, with a fast and reliable integrated solution.

Harnessing the power of elastic search and fuzzy matching, the fast autocomplete address search allows users to query a partial or specific address string and drill down through a list of possible options in order to locate an address, Eircode or Postcode.

Precise Location Data

Non-unique addresses

Approximately 35% of addresses in Ireland share their address with at least one other property, resulting in a more complicated process for delivery operations.

With DirectAddress, users can easily pin-point the correct address through the use of our interactive map. This can help your organisation verify the correct delivery address and avoid collecting inaccurate address data.

Clicking on a pin displayed on the map can bring users to the full address details including the Eircode/Postcode, ensuring that the handover is faster and smoother.

Apartment blocks

Delivering to apartments isn’t always a straightforward process. Many address search platforms don’t allow users to get granular with apartment address data, resulting in address data needing to be entered manually.

With DirectAddress, users can quickly verify their addresses within apartment buildings. Our intuitive address grouping features allow users to view all apartment addresses within the building and select one they wish to verify, ensuring a smoother delivery process.

Selecting an address brings users to the full detailed page where the full apartment address and Eircode/Postcode can be captured.

Website Integration

With DirectAddress API integration your organisation can implement the Eircode and address capture solution directly onto your website, allowing users to easily choose their suggested address when they begin typing.

This helps ensure that the address data being collected by your organisation through the website is accurate and complete without the user having to leave the form to look elsewhere for their Eircode or Postcode. DirectAddress website integration can also help speed up the form filling process for customers and in turn reduce page abandonment.

The address capture solution also can easily be tweaked to match your website’s look and feel to make sure it feels like a part of the website.

Improved Data

With addresses constantly being added into databases from different sources there’s a good chance that duplications will impact your data. With an Eircode and verified address appended to each record, database records can be cleaned, combined and de-duplicated easily.

A cleaner database will in turn result in more efficient deliveries. Similarly, while also reducing the costs associated with undelivered or repeat mailings.

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