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Maintain the accuracy and

integrity of the data you hold.

When it comes to the data you hold, ensuring its quality is of utmost importance. The amount of customer data that is available is continually increasing. However, if you do not correctly manage this data its integrity may become compromised making it of little value to you. Maintaining the integrity of your data enables you to make more effective decisions which are supported by accurate, up to date business insights.

What do we mean by Data Integrity?

Data isn’t static. Many things will happen to your data throughout is life cycle. It can be transferred to other systems, altered and updated multiple times.

Each time a processing activity is undertaken there is a risk that your data may become compromised. This is where data integrity comes into play. The process involves the maintenance of data throughout its entire life cycle.

The overall intent of any data integrity technique is to ensure that data is recorded exactly as intended. It must remain intact and unchanged between various iterations of the data file and across multiple systems.

Why is it so important?

Data increasingly drives enterprise decision-making. One of its main purposes is to offer insight so that more informed decisions can be made which will ultimately yield better results. Inaccurate data is of little use to your organisation. Ensuring data integrity is therefore of utmost commercial importance: if you can’t trust your data, you can’t trust you’re making the correct commercial decision off the back of it.

How can we help improve the integrity of the data you hold?

 We are trusted by some of Ireland’s leading businesses to ensure that their data is of the highest quality.  We ensure that data integrity is imposed during the design phase through the use of standard rules and procedures and that it is subsequently maintained through the use of error checking and validation routines. We help to provide you with a piece of mind, knowing that your data is in safe hands.

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