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Better data leads to

better decision making

Your company gathers large quantities of data which is then used to inform important business decisions. It’s therefore it’s necessary to ensure the quality of the data you hold. Data Cleansing is a process which involves the identification of and subsequent removal from or amending of data which is, incorrect, incomplete or duplicated within a database. Once your database is cleansed it can be analysed to obtain actionable insights. These insights then inform business decisions, reduce costs and maximise revenue. 

What is Data Cleansing?

Data Cleansing refers to the process of detecting, correcting or removing incomplete, inaccurate or duplicated records from a dataset. The aim of cleansing a dataset is to achieve consistency with similar datasets. Inconsistencies detected are often the result of human error or corruption caused either during initial capture, migration between systems or inconsistent data processing. The goal of data cleansing is to achieve consistent, complete, accurate and uniform data. Data cleansing is often considered to be the most important aspect of data quality management.

Why is Data Cleansing so important?

Incorrect or inconsistent data can be costly as it results in false conclusions and misdirected investments. It is therefore in your best interest to ensure that the data you hold is free from any potential errors, dupes and format inconsistencies. Data Cleansing seeks to ensure this.

At Dataconversion we systematically examine data for flaws by using rules, algorithms, and look-up tables. High-quality data that has undergone rigorous cleansing and testing adds value throughout the organisation and enables accurate management information reporting with a single version of the truth when it comes to the data.

How can we help?

We have, and continue to, work alongside some of Ireland’s leading businesses to ensure that the data they hold is of the highest quality. This has, in turn, allowed them to easily process and analyse their data, leading to insights which have helped them to make more informed and most importantly, more profitable decisions.

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