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23 03, 2022

Why Should You Use APIs


Why Should You Use APIs? An API (application programming interface) is code that makes it possible for digital devices, software applications and data servers to communicate with each other. APIs are the backbone of [...]

Why Should You Use APIs2022-03-22T16:03:36+01:00
9 12, 2021

Digital Transformation in 2022


Digital Transformation in 2022 2020 saw companies around the world completely rework their digital transformation strategies, in some cases overnight! 2021 however, was more about refining strategies to match the current environment. With the [...]

Digital Transformation in 20222021-12-08T17:19:17+01:00
10 06, 2021

Mobile Apps vs Websites


Mobile Apps vs Websites In an ideal scenario, brands would have both a mobile website and mobile app in their marketing arsenal. However, due to lack of resources in place and the cost of [...]

Mobile Apps vs Websites2021-06-09T15:51:15+01:00
29 04, 2021

Reducing Cart Abandonment


Reducing Cart Abandonment With online shopping continuing to have such a presence in our lives, it’s incredibly important for organisations to address the issue of cart abandonment. Cart abandonment is when a shopper on [...]

Reducing Cart Abandonment2021-04-28T15:31:41+01:00
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