This week we are chatting with Patricia Gilligan, or Trish as you probably know her. Trish has been with Dataconversion for just under 11 years now and has had a number of different roles within the company. She now acts as one of our two fantastic account executives working with a number of clients such as Vodafone, Bank of Ireland and Airtricity. Her role is certainly a busy one which involves liaising with key accounts on a daily basis and making sure that their various campaigns run smoothly. So if you want to find out more about Trish and her role then keep on reading!

Role Description: 3-4 lines on what exactly it is you do at DC, what you are in charge of etc.

My role here in Dataconversion is definitely very varied but I’ll do my best at trying to sum up what it is that I do! As an account executive I am responsible for the some of Dataconversions biggest client accounts. I work alongside clients on an ongoing basis to ensure the smooth running of their direct mail and eDM campaigns from concept to completion. This involves advising them on the initial piece, taking it through to fulfillment and making sure it lands with the end customer in the most time and cost effective manner possible. Making sure that all marketing campaigns run smoothly and in accordance with client’s deadlines is my main goal. This of course can be stressful as it can be challenging to ensure that a campaign goes off without a hitch but when it does (which is 100% of the time of course…) it can be really rewarding!

Who are your main clients?

As part of my role I get to work with some really interesting brands. At the moment my main clients include Bank of Ireland, Airtricity, Volkswagen and Vodafone to name but a few. I have been working with some of these clients for over seven years so it’s been great to see how their various campaigns have evolved over the years. Having clients stay on board with us for such a significant amount of time also has allowed me to develop some really great working relationships with them.

What you enjoy most about your role at DC?

One thing I love about my job is that no day is the same. Because I work with a number of clients there is always a new campaign coming my way which means that you walk into the office not knowing what the day ahead may throw at you!


Greatest achievement to date working at DC?

I am definitely proud of the fact that I have progressed within the company to where I am now without a college degree. I joined the company back in 2007 as a Recruitment Administrator. I then progressed to a HR and Recruitment Administrator. From here my career veered onto a slightly different path as I was appointed as a Print Executive working in our old Finglas office. And then three years ago I was promoted to my current role as an account exec.


Biggest trend you see to be affecting your area in the coming year(s)?

One of the biggest trends I’ve seen coming into play in a big way over the past few years is the move from DM to eDM. We have definitely seen the vast majority of our clients shifting to digital and I’d expect to see this trend to continue. That by no means signifies the death of direct mail as it’s still a highly effective method of communication.