What is Marketing Automation & How is it Beneficial?

Marketing automation refers to the software solution in place that helps organisations reach marketing goals without the need of manual effort.

It can be made up of software platforms and technologies that have been designed for marketing departments to effectively market on multiple channels online and automate repetitive tasks.

These tools ultimately eliminate the manual processes that have previously slowed campaigns down.

Discussed below are some of the main benefits of your organisation implementing a marketing automation platform:

Time Saved

The manual effort that goes in to executing a marketing campaign can be incredibly time consuming for organisations.

Research has shown that through the automation of marketing efforts, teams can save up to 6 hours per week. Similarly, your reply rate could be also be increased by 250% through automated outreach and follow up emails.

Customer engagement campaigns often require multiple platforms. Through automation, less time is wasted constantly switching back and forth between platforms to get a campaign going.

Through marketing automation tools, tasks that were previously cumbersome and time consuming can be scheduled with ease in advance. This frees up time to focus on more prominent and important tasks, greatly improving the efficiency of the marketing team.

Reduced Costs

More efficient methods of executing marketing campaigns drastically cuts costs. Better automation software in place streamlines workflows, allowing your organisation get more work done with fewer resources.

This is essentially where the investment in marketing automation software pays off in the long run. With a customised solution, smaller organisations with fewer marketing resources could benefit from the automation.

This provides organisations with the opportunity to more effectively compete against major players in the industry.

Better Sales & Marketing Overview

Automated solutions usually provide elements of reporting. Rather than merging multiple reports from different sources, automated solutions consolidate the analytics.

These reports will not only indicate which campaigns are most effective, but also the customer profiles.

Consolidated reports help provide a birds-eye view of the campaign effectiveness for marketing and sales departments. This improves the accountability of both departments that the campaigns in action are effective.

More Consistent Engagement

When content is sent through a marketing automation system, recipients will receive consistent marketing communications messages.

For example, when a user signs up to your brand’s website, an automated welcome email will be sent, then an automatic follow up could then be sent a few days later. This is done without the need of any human input.

It doesn’t matter which point a user jumps into the workflow. A consistent level of communication is established through the automated software solution.

Improved Customer Experience

Delivering a great customer experience isn’t easy for many brands. Organisations are often resistant to new tools and platforms and marketing automation isn’t an inexpensive investment. Its value needs to be demonstrated and customer experience is exactly where marketing automation shines.

An automated platform helps marketers easily schedule follow up personalised emails. It simplifies the customer experience, eliminating the complex manual efforts.

With the right marketing automation software solution in place, your organisation can retain customers and convert more leads to sales.

As the business grows, budgets will increase. The customised solution should be scalable alongside your organisation to effectively automate marketing campaigns.

When deciding what type of automation system is best suited to your organisation it’s important to not prioritise individual features. Focusing on the overarching business results and long-term goals tends to yield better results when implementing an automation solution.

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