The Right Way to Deliver Personalisation

Today’s brands have access to so much in-depth customer data that personalisation is becoming an expected element of the customer experience. Customers are seeking a personalised experience now more than ever, regardless of the industry.

Personalisation isn’t just calling the customer by their name; it can shape every element of the customer journey and it’s expected at all stages.

Creating an effective personalised campaign isn’t easy, but it’s worth doing. Like most customers, even you’ve come to expect it yourself!

Discussed in this blog are some of the right steps to take to be able to deliver great personalisation as part of your marketing campaigns.

Understand Your Customers

As with any marketing campaign, having a great understanding of the customers you’re targeting can really set your campaign apart from competitors. Data can be collected on users based on customer satisfaction scores, loyalty programmes and purchasing behaviour.

With a good grasp of who your customers are, their interests and behaviours, you’re more informed to create appropriate personalised content that resonates with them.

Centralise Your Data

Effective personalisation can’t happen without the right customer data collected. Achieving a 360-degree view of customers is a major challenge for marketers, it is possible with a Single Customer View.

While achieving a Single Customer View isn’t something that occurs overnight, having one makes personalisation much easier for marketers. Using aggregated data gathered through different mediums, brands can achieve levels of personalisation.

Many retailers put the Single Customer View at the heart of their marketing campaigns. Not only does it have a major impact on individual marketing campaigns, but also on overarching marketing strategies, including e-commerce and customer service.

Develop a Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) is an exercise for customer-focused businesses looking to improve their overall customer experience.

It’s a powerful tool that marketers can use to visualise and understand which stages customers are at in the journey and the touchpoints for each stage.

Different personalised contact can be made at different stages of the journey, essentially guiding them to the next stage of the journey.

With a map of the journey in place marketers can get a comprehensive overview of the personalisation in place at each stage.

Once the pilot journey is established, analytics should be applied meaning it’s tracked for future refinement.

Execute Personalisation

With a greater understanding of who your audience are, a strong data foundation and an accurate customer journey map, you’re ready to start executing personalised campaigns. Personalisation can be effectively implemented through the following methods:

Behavioural triggered contact

This is an automated marketing communication method that focuses not on who the customer is, but what behaviour they’ve recently displayed.

Personalised emails and direct mail can be used to win back customers that have recently shown lower spend or basket abandonment. As the trigger is based on

Personalised calls-to-action

Specific buttons depending on the customer. Personalised calls-to-action are activated based on the individual customers’ interests, buying patterns or circumstances.

Research by Hubspot has shown that personalised calls-to-action are 202% better than non-personalised calls-to-action.

Customer Profiling

This is creating offers based on what you think these customer groups might like. While it sounds like it, customer profiling isn’t simply guesswork. Research and analytics help organisations effectively group and profile customers.

A/B & Multivariate Testing

A/B and multivariate testing are commonly used to find the best performing version of a website page or email.

Testing different types of personalisation aid your marketing team’s understanding of what kind of personalisation does and doesn’t resonate with customers.

Results of the tests can be used to constantly refine your campaigns while also helping you improve your understanding of your customers.

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