The Pandemic & Accelerated Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology in all areas of business. The pandemic has forced us to do many of our usual activities digitally, due to the nature of reducing contact over the past 18 months.

Covid-19 and its associated lockdowns have accelerated the pace of digital transformation greatly and by necessity for most enterprises.

Discussed below are some of the impacts of accelerated digital transformation in organisations as a result of the pandemic.

Permanent Remote Work Options

Back in March 2020, working from home policies were a shock to the system for many organisations, forcing them to switch and adapt to a fully digital solution in just a matter of weeks.

While working from home may not have initially been a smooth transition for every organisation, by now many employees will likely want the choice to remain working for home, or at least have a flexible arrangement where the week is split between home and the office.

With employees set up to access all company data from home this opens up many opportunities for organisations. New roles could become permanently WFH, allowing organisations to choose from a wider talent pool.

With such a high percentage of the population working remotely, digital collaboration tools and processes are improving by the month making working from home become a more viable permanent solution.

More Efficient Processes

With accelerated digital transformation your organisation can see increases in efficiency and a reduction in the costs that were typically associated with older processes.

More sophisticated automation tools (for example chatbots) can alleviate pressure on employees and agents in areas such as customer service, where repetitive tasks are common. Less time spent on tasks which can be automated ultimately means more focus can be put on more urgent queries which require more attention.

Digital tools can be used to identify and address unforeseen areas of waste, regarding both time and money. Management can use the information gathered through digital analytics tools to decide where efficiency can be improved with data to justify decisions.

Digitised Customer & Employee Experience

It’s unlikely we’ll see the reversing of many of these transitions to new digital customer and employee experiences even after the pandemic has ended. Focus on the mobile and digital experience is likely to be a permanent element of marketers’ strategies in the future.

In a world where people need to stay apart, interactions with customers and employees have been taking place virtually, meaning many businesses need to completely rework their model of selling and invest in technology that allows virtual experiences to take place. Virtual showings/tours have become very common over the past 18 months and we’re unlikely to see it go away any time soon.

The pandemic continues to shape the way we live and work. Organisations need to find ways to ensure both the customer and employees have access to the necessary digital tools to so that they can use your services easily from any device.

Improved Security

Since the beginning of the pandemic, cyber threats have increased considerably. Research indicates that approximately 47% of individuals fall for a phishing scam while working at home.

The working from home environment has opened organisations up to vulnerabilities, especially in smaller companies where employees may use their own devices rather than a company-owned device.

Organisations that have invested greatly in digital solutions, security tools and improved processes have far greater resiliency in the face of a possible attack or breach.

Companies that had already benefited from secure remote working capabilities prior to the pandemic are also better prepared to face the threat of cyber-attacks.

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