The Most Effective Customer Feedback Channels

Customer feedback is crucial for the success and growth of any business. It helps provide insight into customer satisfaction levels, identifies trends and pain points, while also allowing for data-driven decisions to be made to improve the product/service in the future.

Often the best customer feedback channels entirely depend on your business type, target audience, and the nature of your offering. Discussed below are some of the most popular and effective customer feedback channels, which help organisations understand where improvements can be made.


Easily one of the most effective customer feedback channels is the use of a survey. This type of quantitative data can be easily distributed through digital channels such as email and SMS.

Quantifiable data allows your research team to spot and analyse trends, correlations as well as general grievances customers have with your product or service.

They’re a versatile form of feedback gathering and can be designed to be as simple or complicated as your research team wishes. Numerous survey providers such SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics and Google Forms allow accessibility for anyone to create a survey, regardless of company size.

In-App Feedback

If your product or service provides a mobile app that’s used by customers, occasional popups within the app guiding them to take part in feedback will help gather users’ thoughts while the app is in use.

A similar approach can be used on websites. All of the data gathered through this channel can be used to help improve the customer experience down the line.

Bringing your app users to the app store to leave a review can be one of the best ways to get simple and straightforward feedback.

This will ultimately impact your app’s ratings on app stores, showing potential future users what current users think.

Online Reviews

By encouraging your customers to leave reviews on third party sites such as Trust Pilot and Google Reviews, it allows you to not only see public feedback regarding how much the customer liked/disliked your product or service, but it can also function as a customer service tool.

The ability to respond to positive and negative reviews can help rectify issues your customers are having.

Online review scores can be used as a reliable metric for tracking customer satisfaction levels. A lower score indicating that changes may need to avoid brand reputation damage.

Community Forums

If your organisation has a large customer base, a community forum is a fantastic feedback tool as customer discuss your product or service amongst each other.

Encouraging users to share feedback and discuss their experiences allows them to actively participate in these forums to address concerns and foster engagement.

Community forums can also double as a customer service tool between agents and customers to resolve queries. A search feature will allow customers to find issues previously resolved and join in on the conversation.


Chatbots are primarily used to customer service requirements but are also an effective way to manage feedback regarding the performance of the customer service through the chatbot itself.

After customers are finished using the chatbot for their enquiry, the chatbot itself can provide the ability to gather feedback directly from the customer regarding their experience.

Customer feedback is not just a source of information. It is a strategic asset that can guide business decisions, foster customer loyalty, and contribute to long-term success. Picking the right tools to use for your customer base can make all the difference for gathering effective data.

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