The Benefits of Cloud-Based Software Solutions

As our work habits change and technology improves, many organisations are looking towards cloud computing to make work more accessible and streamlined no matter where in the world they’re located.

Cloud-based software is a software application that’s hosted in the cloud. Users typically access cloud-based platforms via web browsers, dedicated desktop clients or an API that integrates with a desktop or mobile operating system. It has become increasingly prevalent over the past few years and its presence shows little sign of slowing down.

Discussed below are the main benefits of cloud-based software solutions for organisations in Ireland.


While the move to a cloud-based solution may be initially costly, the savings made in the long run will become apparent.

Due to the software or application being hosted in the cloud, there are lower costs associated with on-premises infrastructure, such as servers or data centres.

As many cloud-based software solutions are SaaS (Software as a Service), they tend to be pay as you go, meaning you’ll only need to spend based on your organisation’s usage. This allows for overall cost savings and more effective budgeting.


With a cloud-based approach, organisations can quickly and easily scale the solution to meet your growing business needs.

While your organisation’s growth rate may be changing rapidly, a cloud-based solution allows your organisation to expand or reduce resources such as storage or processing power as necessary.

This can all be done without embarking on a significant infrastructure project, which could be costly, time consuming and cause disruption to everyday processes.

Rapid Deployment

Cloud-based software solutions are often ready-to-use environments which can be rapidly deployed throughout the entire organisation. Cloud platforms allow pre-deployment testing, rapid updates, rollbacks and version control, making it a desirable approach for IT departments.

With remote working becoming standard in many industries over the past number of years, cloud computing allows for rapid deployment throughout the world.

Large cloud platforms have data centres around the world, meaning a high level of geographical reach for your organisation’s employees located in all parts of the world. This allows for low latency and better performance no matter how far they are from the office.


Cloud-based software providers typically heavily invest in high level security measures to protect customer, business and employee data. Encryption, access controls and monitoring systems are staples in ensuring data privacy and integrity.

Automatic backups are also a common feature from cloud providers, providing peace of mind for organisations that their data is safe in the event of data loss due to a hardware failure or user error.


Organisations tend to utilise multiple different platforms at different stages of operation processes. Integration becomes important to ensure platforms can seamlessly share data with one another.

Many cloud-based software solutions offer API integration with other platforms. API integration can allow organisations to improve the functionality of cloud-based software, allowing them to create customised workflows, import additional functionalities, as well as build a more cohesive software ecosystem tailored to the company-specific needs.


It’s always important that a high level of support is available within your organisation when dealing with software.

Good cloud providers support organisations through 24/7 technical support, an appropriate knowledge base with comprehensive documentation, effective training and community forums, allowing users to collaborate and exchange knowledge.

When choosing a cloud-based software provider, it’s always advisable to review their support offerings and service level agreements to ensure they meet your specific requirements for support and assistance.

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