Tech Trends We Expect to See in 2024

2023 has seen some substantial advancements in relation to the tech world. This is especially true in areas such as generative Artificial Intelligence becoming open to the public and mainstream, as well as 5G connectivity becoming the standard in many cities around the world.

2024 is likely to see an increase in AI usage, sustainability oriented and cybersecurity focused strategies as the tech landscape evolves.

Discussed below are some of the trends we expect to see in 2024.

Continued focus on AI

2023 saw AI enter the mainstream with an arms race beginning amongst large tech companies in providing the best generative AI platform. Companies such as Google, Microsoft and OpenAI opened up their generative AI tools to public, giving them just a taste what is to come over the next few years.

The focus on AI is unlikely to slow down in 2024. We’re likely to see more players enter the market, improved products/features, as well as more utilisation in the workplace. This is especially true with AI becoming an integral part of operating systems such as Windows.

While improvements and advancements are almost guaranteed over the next year, we’re also likely to see more warnings and legislation related to AI. The better AI gets, the more likely it is to trick or fool people. The negative effects of AI will become more apparent, leading to more rules and regulations around its usage.

Better collaboration tools

The hybrid approach to working doesn’t seem to be slowing down despite being almost 2 years out of pandemic related restrictions. With that, online collaboration tools are going to see continued improvement.

The tools we use daily are going to become more sophisticated, allowing collaboration to become seamless regardless of where employees are based.

Tools such as virtual whiteboards and cloud-based document collaboration are quickly becoming the standard for projects where teams aren’t in-person. Similarly, project management solutions are becoming smarter with AI integration throughout.


Sustainability is on the tip of the tongue of every business at the moment and is going to become more pronounced over the next few years. The focus on climate change has never been higher, meaning action will need to be taken by organisations to reduce their carbon footprint.

Focus on Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) is going to gain more of a presence amongst tech firms, whether it be online or during showcases.

With the focus on sustainability becoming more apparent, consumers are going to become more aware of ‘greenwashing’, where organisations make environmental claims about something the organisation is doing that is intended to promote a sense of environmental impact that doesn’t actually exist.

Organisations need to be careful that the claims they’re making can be backed up by the actions taken and data.

Cybersecurity Focused

As always, security must be at the forefront of any decisions made to deploy new tech in the workplace. With new advancements, organisations always need to consider the security implications.

With the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber threats, cybersecurity is non-negotiable. Organisations must prioritise robust security measures in their products.

With improvements in Artificial Intelligence comes the potential of sophisticated scams involving deepfakes as a phishing method. Robust cybersecurity software will become more effective at detecting AI-generated scams, mitigating the impact of attack can have or stopping it altogether.

Regular security audits, encryption protocols, as well as proactive threat detection can help build trust among users and protect sensitive data.

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