Software Development Trends in 2020

The software development industry is dynamic and everchanging. We’ve seen some interesting advancements over the past decade when it comes to software and technology capabilities. We’re sure the 2020s will be no different!

From app development improvements to increased network capabilities, this blog post discusses some of the possible software development trends we may see become even more prominent over the next 12 months in the business world.

Outsourced Software Development

Software development can be a challenge for many organisations regardless of the size. The ability to outsource software development to a specialised team is always a viable option.

Businesses are always looking for the most economical way of incorporating the latest trends into their software projects. Outsourcing development is one the main ways to get this done right.

This trend may become even more prominent in 2020 as more companies seek out to improve current software solutions and create products for both customers and employees.

Market research suggests that the outsourced software development market will flourish over the next 3 years with a compound annual growth rate of 4.42%.

We’ve discussed the main benefits of outsourcing software development in a previous blog post in greater detail.

Instant Apps

Launched by Google in 2016, Instant Apps are native apps with the speed of a website and the superior functionalities of an app. The main difference is a full app download isn’t necessary. Instant Apps function almost like trials of an app and are becoming more common.

Their main benefit is that because they’re so small in file size, they load instantly and take up no permanent storage on your device.

The faster speeds brought by Instant Apps ultimately helps organisations reach audiences with slower internet speeds. Similarly, they also help create a better user experience and in turn improve the conversion rates.

AI Improvements

When it comes to artificial intelligence, things are just getting started. While chatbots have become more mainstream over the past 3-4 years, we’re likely to see more common uses and implementations of artificial intelligence throughout the 2020s.

Research suggests that 84% of businesses claim that the use of artificial intelligence in their customer service and marketing efforts gave them a significant edge over competitors in the past. We expect this number to be even higher over the next few years.

Constant AI improvements combined with other technological advancements such as virtual and augmented reality may bring some interesting marketing endeavours to light throughout 2020 and beyond.

Improved 5G Capabilities

Many organisations with a mobile workforce rely on mobile network data to conduct jobs on the field around the world.

Network coverage and speeds can always be improved, and with 5G slowly rolling out, we expect 5G network capabilities are expected to become more common in the market by the end of the year 2020. While some Irish 5G services launched in 2019, there are a lack of 5G capable devices on the market.

Network providers enabling it along with new devices being launched will have a major impact on its adoption rate. We expect to see 5G become far more common in 2020!

Improvements in 5G technology opens new opportunities to businesses. 5G doesn’t just vastly improve speeds for the mobile workforce to improve productivity and efficiency. It also provides better data security than 4G / 3G.

These are just some of the trends that we expect to see over the next year. Getting the right software developers in touch with the latest trends and new technologies can help pave a custom path to your new year goals.

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