Key CX Software Integration

CX software integration is the groundwork for creating a well-rounded experience for your customers.

As discussed in previous blogs, great software is essential for creating a faultless experience for customers. For your customer experience strategy to succeed, customers must feel that the interactions they have with brands are convenient and efficient.

To inspire brand loyalty and reduce churn, brands must strive for a seamless experience. This seamlessness can be created through the integration of customer data, current systems and new software that addresses the current customer experience challenges.

This blog discusses some of the key CX software integrations that help in creating this seamless experience for your customers.

CEM Software

Customer Experience Management software is an invaluable tool that essentially aims to measure loyalty. Gathering customer feedback is a primary method of doing this.

This feedback can be used to understand the satisfaction levels of current customers.

Consistently monitoring customer sentiment is one of the best ways brands can gain insights into customer pain points and frustrations.

Surveys are a primary way of gathering information on customers current satisfaction levels. Other methods include requesting reviews and testimonials from customers.

CEM software needs to be integrated with the rest of your current systems and should come into effect at the right time, depending on the actions taken by customers.

Insights gathered from the feedback should be utilised to further improve customer experiences and drive business change.

Personalisation Software

Tailoring campaigns can be the difference between catching or losing a customer’s attention.

Integrating personalisation software with the customer feedback gathered through the CEM software allows brands to create highly targeted (and personalised) campaigns to customers.

Examples of this include offering discounts to unsatisfied customers to prevent them from abandoning your brand.

Alternatively, this level of personalisation software can be utilised to create campaigns for the identified satisfied customers, building a level of brand loyalty.

This personalisation software can be used for both online and offline techniques from email marketing, to customer loyalty programmes, to direct mail campaigns.

Analytics Software

Analytics allow brands to easily gain a deep understanding of how customers are interacting with the current product and the brand’s communications.

Dashboards providing key information about where the customers lose interest or churn are key to informing future decisions when it comes to product development or marketing communications.

Much like the other solutions discussed, analytical or dashboard software can be linked internally. This allows the performance levels of other systems in place to be visualised.

Helpdesk Software

Helpdesk software is designed with the intention of providing customers with information and support regarding the company’s products or services.

With customer service being such a large element of customer experience, it’s important that truly integrated helpdesk systems are place. Statistics have consistently shown that poor customer service has negative effects on the customer experience, impacting the brand’s bottom line.

According to Microsoft, 56% of customers globally reported have halted doing business with companies that provide negative customer experiences regarding customer service within the past 12 months.

To gain great insights into the effectiveness of your helpdesk efforts, it should be integrated with current customer experience feedback systems to ensure the customer service is reaching its full potential.

Employee Experience Software

Commonly implemented by HR staff members, employee experience software aims help management better understand employee sentiment. Organisations tend to use this type of software to solicit employee feedback through occasional surveys.

Employees are the driving factor behind the provision of great customer experience. Research has shown that employee engagement and customer service quality is inherently linked.

Ensuring employee feedback is recorded regularly and considered by management in turn results in improved customer service.

Whether it’s an off-the-shelf approach or a bespoke software solution tailored specifically for your needs, appropriately integrated software will result in an improved customer experience. CX software integration will allow your company to get a step closer to gaining a single customer view.

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