Enhancing CX with Software

Being armed with the right software will result in gaining the best overview of your customer base.

You’ll not only get the full picture of who your customers are, but also what they want, and how to engage with them effectively.

This can be the difference between creating a positive, memorable customer experience or a poor one.

With modern customers having higher expectations than ever before, it’s now more difficult than ever to convince them of your value while competing with other brands.

Discussed in this blog are some of the ways appropriately integrated software can help enhance the customer experience.

1.     Get to Know Your Customers Better

Gathering data to gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ needs and preferences is key to enhancing the customer experience.

Unfortunately for brands, customer information doesn’t just appear. Data needs to be collected. This can be done through conducting research on your customer’s behaviour.

The best way to understand your customers is to ask questions and analyse the answers.

Gathering feedback is a great way to understand what areas your customers are satisfied with, as well as where their pain points are.

With software, analysing the data gathered provides you with the indicators that show just how your customers are truly feeling about their experience with the brand.

Knowing where your customers are satisfied or unsatisfied with their experience gives you a starting point to allow continuous adjustments to your CX offering.

Analysis of customer data allows businesses to actively build loyalty rather than just address where customers are unhappy with their experience.

2.     Get More Personal

Customer data collected can be used to improve customer engagement elements of your integrated marketing campaigns.

With the vast amount of marketing messages customers receive daily, getting more personal with your customers can help you stand out of the crowd, whether it be online or in-person.

Creating campaigns with more personalised elements can help you push more appropriately targeted marketing messages, effectively motivating customers to make purchases.

With the analysis of customer shopping trends becoming a standard in some industries, more personalised campaigns relating to individual customer shopping habits are becoming more popular.

With the right software, marketers can take campaign personalisation to the next level. According to Forrester, 89% of businesses are investing in personalisation.

However, they indicate that most of these businesses aren’t evolving with the changing meaning of personalisation. They’re falling behind when it comes to tactical segmentation and strategic individualisation. Both of which are key to a great personalisation strategy.

3.     Create a Frictionless Journey

With software, streamlining the customer experience to ensure that all customer information is centralised should be a priority. Customers are constantly communicating and interacting with brands through multiple channels.

To avoid frustration, ensure that these different touchpoints are synchronised to provide a consistent customer journey.

Not only should the customer journey be frictionless. When a customer interacts with your brand, they expect a seamless and stress-free experience. Using customer data gathered, brands can provide streamlined interactions.

This saves time for both customers and the employees. Avoiding repetition with customer service agents and saving time removes the touchpoints for customers. This results in a frictionless customer journey. In turn this improves customer satisfaction levels.

4.     Create a Single Customer View

Using the customer data gathered through customer profiles, loyalty programs and purchasing history can ultimately help you create a Single Customer View.

With data being siloed in different disjointed systems, the power of your business to attract and serve more customers diminishes.

Through the consolidation of every piece of information about your customers in a centralised location, you get a broader overview of your customer base.

Software appropriately integrated with your systems to promote a single customer view can help you identify unique customers and product holdings across multiple data silos.

The implementation of appropriate software can integrate and improve your current systems, which ultimately results in a more positive customer experience.

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