Dataconversion Celebrates 50 Years in Business

Dataconversion is celebrating 50 years in business, marking half a century since founder Raymond O’Kelly opened for business. Based on Pearse Street, Dataconversion has been in operation since 1972, providing high quality data capture, data management and software solutions to companies in Ireland.

Dataconversion began operations by providing a data preparation service to large companies. Highly skilled data entry operators converted information from companies’ documents into a format that their computers could read. At that time information was recorded on punch cards, subsequently on magnetic tape and later on disk.

In the 1990s Dataconversion started helping clients to build their marketing databases, holding that information for them on secure systems and maintaining it to ensure that it was accurate and free of duplicate records. From there the offering progressed to providing direct marketing services to clients including personalised and relevant marketing and operational letters, texts and emails.

With the constantly changing technological landscape, Dataconversion always needed to be proactive in evolving. With an increased demand for integrated marketing and data solutions, Dataconversion has widely expanded its offering to cater to clients’ needs and now boasts an accomplished team excelling in software development in these areas.

Commenting on 50 years in business CEO Anna Browne said:

“We are delighted to celebrate such an important milestone with Raymond and the team. From those first days when International Computers and Tabulators (ICT) and International Business Machines (IBM) dominated the market, to the present day where we are delighted to include AA Ireland, Sky, SSE Airtricity and Ireland’s major banks as clients. It demonstrates how a small Irish organisation can make a difference by providing world-class services to large businesses for half a century.”

The Dataconversion team celebrated 50 years in business with a party in The Grayson alongside past employees and friends of the company.