CX Software Solutions for Retail

Retailers around the world are investing more in innovation through technology to help improve the customer experience.

Customer experience leaders around the world understand the importance of implementing great software solutions behind the scenes in the retail industry to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Discussed in this blog are some software solutions than can be integrated to improve the entire retail customer experience. 

E-Commerce Solutions

Recent improvements in the e-commerce technology available ranges from customer-facing innovation such as augmented reality, to back-end platforms and operational systems like retail point of sale (POS) and open platform retail management systems.

Modern retailers have a growing need for ‘connecting technology’ to help provide customers with the most seamless experience. Utilising CX-improving equipment such as POS-integrated smartphones not only improves the customer service, but also the employee experience.

Similarly, customers using smartphones as a payment method is becoming more common in retail, especially with the emergence of services like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

As the retail industry is such a competitive space, modern retailers need to have the best e-commerce solutions in place to provide the ultimate customer experience. A great retail CX is one of the best ways to get your brand to stand out of the crowd.

Customer Loyalty Programme Management

Customer Loyalty Programmes are something that have been discussed in detail in blogs in the past. While selecting the right programme type is key, the software used to execute these programmes is just as important.

Sophisticated loyalty program management software integrated with your current systems can have great results for your retail loyalty programmes. Implemented correctly, great software can help improve account management, provide more flexible customer rewards and combined with data analysis software should provide more granular examination.

A solution that involves aiding a loyalty programme should ultimately encompass all components of loyalty system operations.

Gathering Feedback

Feedback is always key when it comes to measuring customer satisfaction levels. In retail this is especially important.

With an advanced software solution in place, gathering post-purchase customer feedback can help management understand the key drivers of retail spend. Turning feedback into insights should be a priority for modern retailers.

Acting on customer feedback not only results in increased customer retention but also improved customer loyalty.

Data Analysis

With a data analysis solution in place, retailers can view models to define shopper trends and preferences with ease. Not only should marketers be able to segment customers and detect satisfaction issues, but also predict future customer behaviour.

Great data analysis software should provide retailers with enough predictive analytics to inform future marketing decisions and activities. Data analysis software should link in with the rest of the systems to ensure you’re receiving a full view of your customer and their shopping habits.

Single Customer View

Modern retail customers live in a truly multichannel world. Whether customers interact with the brand online or the physical store, they expect a seamless experience. Retailers often miss the opportunity to provide this seamlessness as they’re not being able to connect customer actions and habits at the brand’s virtual and physical touchpoints.

With a single customer view in place, retailers get an aggregated, consistent and holistic representation of the data held by an organisation. This is especially important in the retail industry as customer data that can be viewed in one place. With a single customer view in place, retailers have a better overview of their customers, allowing more informed decisions regarding the customer journey.

Research has shown that brands that strive to improve the customer journey see revenues increase as much as 10 – 15%.

Choosing whether to take an off-the-shelf software approach or a customer software solution will have an impact on your CX. Custom software development often trumps an off-the-shelf solution. A tailored approach takes your current retail systems into consideration and is the best option when it comes to integration.

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