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How can Dataconversion help improve your Customer Experience?


Dataconversion consults with business leaders to plan, develop & implement data-driven Customer Experience strategies. Our objective is to enable businesses to understand how their proprietary data can be accessed and leveraged to improve their CX business objectives.

We work with our clients to define their most valuable customer journeys and determine where transformation needs to begin. We do this through the use of both top-down, judgement-driven evaluations & bottom-up data-driven analysis. This empowers our clients to create exceptional customer experiences that set them apart from their competitors.

To find out more about how Dataconversion can help you develop a successful data-driven customer experience strategy fill out the form below or call us on +353 1 804 1298.

What is Customer Experience?

Simply put Customer Experience (CX) refers to the way in which your customers perceive their overall interaction with your company. A successful CX strategy focuses on improving customer satisfaction throughout the entire customer journey as opposed to interactions at individual touchpoints.  CX is often discussed alongside Customer Service however it is important to note that there is a distinct difference between the two terms. Customer Service is a function within an organisation and is a vital element of Customer Experience. However as CS deals primarily with aftercare service it is important to note that it is largely reactive whereas CX is seen to be proactive in its approach. CX focuses on cumulative experiences across multiple touchpoints and via multiple channels over time. CX must be deployed throughout the entire organisation as to ensure each interaction a customer has with a company is a positive one.

Why is Customer Experience so important?

Successful Customer Experience management can have a positive impact on profitability.  As customers form favorable attitudes toward a company they become more loyal. Loyal customers are in turn more likely to share their positive experiences with others. In the digital age this is an invaluable competitive advantage. In short, companies which prioritise CX benefit from enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced churn, greater employee satisfaction, increased revenue & ultimately improved profitability.

What role does data play in Customer Experience?

One of the key issues faced by companies when it comes to CX is the difficulty and often inability to develop a strategy which is both successful & sustainable. This is where data comes into play. Companies collect vast quantities of data which can be used to develop useful CX insights if managed and integrated correctly. Use of advanced analytics can allow your business to better gauge your customer & their journey which is crucial to creating the optimal CX. Data-driven CX can allow you to identify areas of weakness within the customer journey & improve upon them. It also allows you to get more personal and work toward a singular user experience.