Improve Customer Experience Through Digital Transformation

In today’s digital age, there’s great pressure for brands to provide the latest technology to keep up to date with the expectations of their customers.

Building a modern business on paper documents isn’t feasible any more. If your focus is on providing your customers with most convenient experiences, there are plenty of ways to improve the customer experience through digital transformation.

Improvements in technology within a firm has benefits not only for your customer, but for your team to serve them even more efficiently too.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation shouldn’t be confused with digitisation, which is making the move from analogue to digital. Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology used in all areas of business.

The transformation is used to create or modify business processes, culture, and customer experiences. The integration of the technology is done to meet the constantly evolving market requirements.

It results in an overhaul of the fundamental changes to how businesses operate and how customer interactions occur. From transforming internal systems to customer interactions (online and in person), digital transformation results in an altered customer experience.

How digital transformation benefits a company

The customer experience is greatly benefited with a revenue uplift through appropriate digital transformation.

With a rising customer satisfaction level and retention, revenue streams will increase and stabilise.

Following the switch from slow manual processes to fast digital processes, problems become easier and faster to solve. Modern digital customer service management platforms allow brands to quickly meet the demands of customers.

The move away from traditional processes within a company results in positive knock on effects for both the internal efficiency and the customer experience.

How to improve customer experience through digital transformation

  1. Utilising Your Customer Data

Customers provide companies with large amounts of data through various channels every day. This data should be utilised to provide your company with a greater insight into exactly who your customers are.

Not only can this data help inform brands about their customers behaviour, it can also allow proper planning and organisation through efficient CRM and analytics systems.

Agile and flexible information systems allow your brand to get a Single Customer View. These systems provide information about how, when and why your customers do business with you.

Utilising this abundance of data will give you the opportunity to provide a far better customer experience.

  1. Personalising Your Offer

When brands create more relevant offers personalised for individual customers, it often results in them being more likely to take advantage of the offers.

Customers are more likely to positively react to a brand’s offering if it recognises them by their name, knows their purchase history, and recommends products based on that history.

Through tailoring the brand’s content to individual customers, they’re more likely to act upon the offers that are provided.

With the sophisticated CRM systems adopted discussed earlier, brands can easily utilise these tools to create personalised messages to match customers’ individual preferences. A more personalised experience leads to a more positive customer experience.

  1. Automating Your Processes

Without automation, customers must rely solely on the availability of human advisors to receive the customer experience they expect.

According to marketing research by Accenture, 84% of respondents to a survey on digital consumption revealed they prefer to interact with artificial intelligence and bots instead of humans. This is due to the speed and availability of the services they provide customers.

Even simple tasks such as email support replies or ticket prioritisation through automation can greatly reduce the internal team’s workload. This has positive effect on the customer experience due to a decline in the reliance on human advisors.

Technological advances and digital transformations over the past decade have already made a significant impact on the customer experience. These advances show very little sign of slowing down.

Digital transformation has the potential to positively impact any business. Appropriately integrating new technologies will result in more convenient experiences for your customers, as well as bring more efficient processes to a business.

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