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Make every interaction your customers have with your brand a positive one

A well-executed customer engagement strategy creates value for your customers by improving the experience they have with your brand. In the digital age this is an invaluable competitive advantage. At Dataconversion we plan, design and develop customer engagement solutions based on data-driven strategic insight.

What is customer engagement?

When it comes to creating sustaining relationships with your customers, engagement is key. You must carefully craft your engagement strategy so that you communicate the right message, at the just right time to enhance the customer experience.

But what exactly is it?

Simply put, customer engagement refers to the way in which you develop sustaining relationships with your customers through various channels of communication e.g. mail, email, SMS etc. So take for example sending an SMS highlighting your latest in-store offering to having a chatbot enabled on your website to answer customer queries in real-time. These interactions need to be tailored to best serve your customers needs. And with the careful integration of data, technology and communications, we can do just that!

Why is customer engagement so important?

The emergence of digital media has completely redefined the relationship between brands and their customers. One-sided interactions are no longer sufficient. Brands are now expected to facilitate two-way communications that not only meet customer needs in real time, but anticipate them, and ultimately exceed them.

Your customers want to be heard, have their questions answered, their problems solved. They want to be engaged with throughout the customer journey and feel as though they are truly valued. Doing this successfully can help to reduce churn and increase retention which has an overall positive impact on business performance.

How can we help improve your customer engagement?

 At Dataconversion we have a unique mix of marketing, data and software experts that work together to ensure that every engagement your customers have with your brand is a positive one. We work with you right through from campaign creation to completion, ensuring that your data, communications and technology are strategically aligned to ensure best performance.  We are passionate about all aspects of the Customer Experience and believe that brands should seek to not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

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