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What is Customer Engagement?

customer engagement

Customer Engagement (CE) refers to the way in which organisations develop sustaining relationships with their customers through various communication channels e.g. through mobile Apps, mail, email, SMS, websites and social media etc.

Companies who excel in this field attempt to ensure that the level of communication provided at each stage of the customer journey, far exceeds that which is offered by competitors within the market. CE is not a single endeavour, instead it requires that companies remain diligent, predictive and proactive.

In a society which is becoming increasingly connected by technology, companies must look to expand two-way conversations between their brands and their consumers  to create deeper engagement. These conversations take place both on and offline. Therefore companies need the infrastructure in place to deal with this, thus creating a seamless overall experience for their customers.

Why is Customer Engagement so important?

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A well-executed Customer Engagement Strategy creates value for your customers.

This in turn will foster brand loyalty and growth, and in turn loyal customers are more likely to share their positive experiences with others. In the digital age this is an invaluable competitive advantage.

We live in an always-on, highly-connected society. Customers expect brands to not only meet their needs in real time but to anticipate them and ultimately to exceed them.

It is no longer sufficient to provide customers with a superior product or service. A high quality experience is expected throughout the entire customer journey.  Your customers want to be heard, have their questions answered and their problems solved. In other words, they want to be engaged with throughout their customer journey and feel as though they are truly valued.

Companies that focus on customer engagement are focused on value creation, not revenue extraction. They provide a brilliant end-to-end customer experience, and customer engagement plays an important part in this overall experience. As can be expected, it also has a notable impact on overall performance.

By consistently tracking customer engagement results you can extract data-driven insights which will ensure that you maximize both existing & future customer relationships.

How Dataconversion helps you develop superior Customer Engagement

The world is becoming increasingly connected! As a result companies now have greater access to an ever-growing consumer base. Therefore, in order for companies to continue to manage the customer experience it is necessary to move away from a siloed, transaction-orientated approach and focus on creating value through customer engagement.

To create this value through customer engagement, companies must manage the increasing volume & variety of data as effectively & efficiently as possible. Having the capability to analyse it in real-time is also incredibly advantageous.

At Dataconversion we plan, design and develop customer engagement platforms based on data-driven strategic insight.

Data tells us what will engage your customer. We therefore ensure you can trust the compliance and integrity of your data – because when you’re armed with better information you can improve the experience that you offer your customers.

Our customer engagement platforms incorporate all touchpoints & communication channels that are relevant to both your campaign and your overall customer engagement strategy. Our team of highly skilled developers have a deep understanding of the value that the right communication via the right channel at the right time can add to your businesses. We also offer our clients a variety of visualisation tools to enable you to monitor and evaluate the performance of both your campaigns and your customer engagement.

To find out more about how Dataconversion can help you improve engagement with your customers fill out the form below or call us on +353 1 804 1298.

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