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Building off of the hype surrounding the 2016 UEFA European Championship, SSE Airtricity developed a strategic campaign with the aim of increasing customer acquisition. Customers were encouraged to sign up to SSE Airtricity in return for either a free Republic of Ireland jersey or €50 welcome credit. To avail of the offer customers were required to sign up to SSE Airtricity’s 1-year dual fuel, or 1-year electricity tariffs.

SSE Airtricity understand the importance of creating a seamless customer experience. They, therefore, chose to work alongside Dataconversion for software development & campaign fulfilment due to our wealth of experience in this area.


Dataconversion built a comprehensive online ordering system which enabled new SSE Airtricity customers to log onto a microsite and claim either an Irish football jersey (in various sizes) or €50 credit off their first bill.

The project included the following technical solutions designed and built by Dataconversion:

  • A customer engagement platform which sent new customers a series of triggered email notifications regarding redemption of the offer. These emails were based on a specific set of business rules developed with the client.
  • A microsite which allowed customers to log in with their email address and a unique login token. From here the customer could select their offer of choice. They received a confirmation email when the order was successfully completed.
  • A Management Information tool which enabled the client to see the status of redemptions and orders processed i.e. customers who ordered, didn’t order, orders processed, outstanding orders (yet to be processed).
  • A daily import process which retrieved new customers’ data which Airtricity uploaded from a secure location into our database following an initial 2 week cooling off period.
  • A tracking tool which monitored undeliverable email addresses and reported the same to the client.
  • Seamless integration with our warehouse logistic system. This meant that where the customer selected the jersey option, our production team received the relevant instruction to allow for same-day completion and despatch of their jersey.
  • Finally, a customer service email & phone number were set up in-house to deal with any customer queries or issues.


The campaign itself was a fantastic success for SSE Airtricity! It resulted in a significant acquisition of new customers to both its 1-year dual fuel & 1-year electricity plans. The rate of conversion was greatly aided by the system created by Dataconversion which allowed for a seamless customer experience.

SSE Airtricity is also delighted by the fact that Dataconversion developed the system in such a way as to allow SSE Airtricty reuse it for future projects, thus adding exceptional value to future campaigns.


Dataconversion_SSE Airtricity Case Study

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