Project Description

Sky was faced with an operational challenge:
Its call centres needed visibility of how new customers’ orders were being processed in order to successfully manage their customers’ expectations in relation to the same.
However, the solution had to be flexible enough to accommodate its multiple outsourced call centre partners.






Customer experience
Customer engagement
Data integrity


With responsibility for its design, build and implementation Dataconversion created a multi-user line business application for Sky.

Having signed up for a Sky Ireland subscription through its Retailer Extranet, Sky’s call centre agents can now track and trace the subscription process for all new customers through all stages of the on-boarding process.

In addition to this, users can process orders and send SMS and email communications to Sky customers using the integrated customer engagement platform.

Data integrity is maintained by creating a seamless link between the Card-Viewer system and all other relevant Sky systems, updating all customer communications and the resulting outcomes in real time.

Technical features of the application include:

  • An advanced record locking system to ensure that multiple call centre agents cannot update the same record concurrently.
  • Callbacks and follow-up communications.
  • A suite of sales, usage and agent performance reports developed as part of the MIS component.


Sky understands the importance of Customer Experience at on-boarding stage: getting these first interactions correct is vitally important.

Dataconversion’s solution allows them to manage this process smoothly, while the reporting and analytics elements of the solution continuously monitors ways of improving this for their customers.


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