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AA Ireland




AA Ireland required a Field Service Management solution that would assist their inspectors in auditing the RSA’s Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test (CVRT) facilities and processes while out in the field.

The previous ‘pen and paper’ manual solution was also proving to be an error-prone process. AA Ireland ultimately wanted the ability to deploy auditors rapidly and give an exact ETA to their customers and complete the audits efficiently and effectively.


Dataconversion worked with AA Ireland to develop a fully integrated browser-based web and Android mobile application Field Service Management system that is accessible to the AA’s inspectors around the country.

The system was developed to meet the specific needs of AA Ireland and included the following technical features designed and built by Dataconversion:

  • A job creation tool allowing work to be viewed and tracked within both mobile and desktop apps. These jobs can be assigned, reassigned, edited or deleted by users.
  • A sophisticated scheduling system allowing those in the office allocate work out to field inspectors instantly. Jobs can be scheduled by either completing the mandatory fields or via uploaded CSV files.
  • Dynamic and customisable dashboards to give web application users a brief snap-shot of current and upcoming jobs.
  • Digitised workflow template creation tools allowing inspectors to update the status of jobs from the field.
  • Support for offline capabilities. Data can be cached when a connection is lost and synced to the system’s database when connection is restored.
  • Support for file uploading including photos, notes, documents and customer signatures.
  • Full audit and traceability of all user actions to provide a clear and accurate history/audit trail of all user activity.
  • An in-depth reporting system to allow custom report generation and report scheduling.


The software is integrated with AA Ireland’s internal system to deliver the best possible Field Service Management solution to both management and field inspectors.

Manual error-prone ‘pen and paper’ processes were replaced with a green field solution to deliver an effective user-friendly experience. Since rolling out the solution the company has seen improved ways of working for their on-site team; clear management oversight and governance of all activity; and ultimately an increase in efficiency, along with a decrease in costs.

As the solution was developed with scalability in mind, this allows the software to grow alongside AA Ireland, providing them with the opportunity for new features to be rolled out in the future.


Developing a Field Service Management Solution for AA Ireland

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