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Danone understands the importance of maintaining a strong relationship with their customers through continued customer engagement. Having been a trusted partner for many years, they tasked us with creating an eCRM solution which would enable them to edit, manage, and create email campaigns for their customer base.

With a number of brands including, Cow & Gate, Aptaclub and First 1000 Days, and a wide range of customers at various stages of pregnancy and motherhood, emails needed to be tailored to their evolving needs.


This presented a number of challenges:

  • Emails need to be personalised to ensure that the content was both relevant and sent in a timely manner to customers.
  • Danone needed the ability to proactively amend content as they desired.
  • With multiple different ways to register with Danone’s Brand programmes, Danone had to have full confidence in the integrity of their data.

Dataconversion built Danone a fully automated eCRM system that incorporated both inbound registrations (irrespective of the source) and also a single solution for outbound Brand Programme emails. In addition, we designed, built and maintained a stand-alone self-service module for Cow & Gate to allow the Brand Managers full flexibility to manage content creation and deployment. The entire system also seamlessly integrates with their management reporting solution.


Danone has the ability to create dynamic and engaging email campaigns which are tailored to individual customer needs.

The plugin triggers regular emails to Danone’s customers from pregnancy through to when their children are aged up to 3 years, sending approximately 1.3million emails annually on behalf of Danone’s various brands.

Mums and Mums-to-be receive emails containing information related to the development stage of their child i.e. 30 weeks pregnant, 5 weeks old. These emails are informative and thus provide value to the end users which ultimately positions Danone as a go-to for expectant parents, thus meeting a key business KPI.

Furthermore, the eCRM system ensures that only those Mums who are eligible and have consented to receive these communications receive them. This greatly aids in Danone’s customer engagement, retention and loyalty figures and helps consolidate Cow & Gate, Aptaclub and First 1000 Days as trusted household brand names.


Danone Case Study

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    Want to find out more about our services?

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