Project Description

To maximise customer engagement and to safeguard the integrity of their data, Sky needs to ensure that its customer database of over 1.5M records is clean, standardised, validated, geo-tagged and updated on a regular basis.






Data integrity


When Sky initially approached Dataconversion about this project they understood the importance to the business of having a clean and accurate database.

Without this in place they knew they would face insurmountable challenges in terms of growing existing relationships with valued customers and identifying new prospects for acquisition.

In order to overcome these challenges:

  • We worked on the raw data file, cleansing and standardising the same for all future projects and applied a specific set of business rules to the data.
  • We then created an automated process that imports customer records on a regular basis and links to the cleaned version of the file on unique account number. This process also updates relevant personal information as well as highlighting new or amended records for cleaning.
  • These records are then cleaned using our address validation software, corrected as necessary, matched to the Geo Directory and a georeference appended to each one. Duplicate records based any a variety of criteria are also easily identifiable for Sky.


Not only has this solution improved the effectiveness of Sky’s marketing campaigns, Sky now has a clean, validated and geo-tagged database of all their customers which is ready at any time for future customer engagement campaigns.

Furthermore, the process Dataconversion created enables a timely view of churn and return of customers and allows Sky to target campaigns at specific segments within their database.


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