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Peter Mark


Retail & Professional Services


When Peter Mark wants to engage with their customers about the latest fashion trends and offers available to them, they know the importance of making sure that the customer engagement touchpoint they use is on target, compliant and relevant.

Because with over 70 retail outlets around the country and a loyal customer base spanning over 55 years, connecting the correct message and medium to the correct client is a CX imperative for Peter Mark.


As a strategic partner of Peter Mark’s for over a decade, Dataconversion is entrusted with safeguarding the integrity and security of Peter Mark’s client information and with the design, implementation and distribution of their customer engagement touchpoints.

Peter Mark’s data is securely stored, updated, cleaned, maintained and segmented on a monthly basis ensuring confidence in the same.

Our team of high-speed data entry operators capture all the details of their in-store sign-ups before storing the same in our secure warehouse or shredding for GDPR compliance purposes. Once captured, our data & software team validates, cleans and dedupes all records against the master database.

As their customer base continues to expand, Dataconversion is on-hand to design, build and integrate their digital acquisition mechanisms with their existing systems, and works closely with their Marketing and CRM teams to ensure that the business strategy is fully understood and any specific requirements are built into the end solution.

A cross-agency approach is then implemented on outbound engagement campaigns, working with their creative agency to bring a strong visual identity to this stylish brand.

Dataconversion then develops and distributes the relevant and personalised digital customer engagement solution for each of Peter Mark’s multi-channel marketing campaigns.

This includes their ever-popular SMS and email campaigns as well as digital platforms for competitions and the must-know-about style events of the season.


In Dataconversion, Peter Mark has a trusted and agile partner maintaining their data integrity and building and managing their customer engagement touchpoints as well as the analytics of the same.

This gives Peter Mark the ability to pre-empt emerging fashion trends and consolidate their position as one of Europe’s most successful hairstyling groups.


Dataconversion_Peter Mark Case Study

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    Want to find out more about our services?

    Simply call us on +35318041298 or pop your business email in the field below, hit ‘enter’ and we’ll be in touch!