Project Description

Sky Ireland needed a software solution that would improve the customer experience at point of order for both their customers and their Retailer Sales team.
However, they need to have confidence that the integrity and security of their data would not be compromised in the process.
Having been a trusted partner of theirs for over 10 years, they turned to Dataconversion.






Customer experience
Data integrity


Working alongside their Sales and Operations teams, Dataconversion designed, built and implemented a modular Retail Extranet used by Sky, its Retail Partners and its individual Sales Personnel.

This retail extranet gives users a seamless web-based application that allows Sky’s retailer, field and inside sales teams to login and process orders for Sky TV and related hardware packages.

The modular design means that new sales and upgrade products can be bolted on as Sky’s product offering continues to evolve. In addition to this, the Management Information component of the solution allows the Management team to track sales and performance.

Furthermore, support is offered on all aspects of the product giving Sky full peace of mind should any queries arise.

Technical features include:

  • An advanced record locking system to ensure that multiple call centre agents cannot update the same record concurrently.
  • Call-backs and follow-up communications.
  • a suite of sales, usage and agent performance reports developed as part of the MIS component.
  • a multi-tiered solution based on ASP.Net C# and SQL Server 2008,
  • SQL Server Integration Services and SQL Server Reporting Services for ETL and MI Reporting
  • XML Web Services for integration with Sky’s third party providers and partners.
  • mobile applications to support door-to-door sales of Sky TV and broadband services.


Ultimately, the solution Dataconversion offers improves Sky’s customer experience by reducing the time it takes to process a customer’s order and by ensuring that the customer’s order is integrated with Sky’s core systems.


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