Project Description

Having successfully delivered a dynamic eCRM programme for them, Danone Baby Nutrition knew its customers were highly vested in their Cow & Gate and Aptaclub brands as well as with their First 1000 Days educational platform.
However as their marketing programme evolved, visibility on the engagement levels and the cross-brand customer journey alluded them.


Danone Baby Nutrition




Customer experience
Customer engagement
Data integrity


Working with the various Brand Managers, the Digital Marketing team and the design agencies responsible for the UX of the Danone Baby Nutrition websites, Dataconversion helped Danone understand their customers by creating a single data warehouse of all data sources and visualising the same using both Power BI and Tableau tools.

The solution required building an API to the email campaign engine that collects all campaign and membership statistics from all acquisition channels.

A further API was then developed to Google Analytics to collect all the website journey information.

The returns from both sets of API calls are loaded and stored in a SQL server data warehouse.

Finally, proprietary and open source statistical data are also linked to the warehouse.


Dataconversion’s real-time reporting enables the relevant Brand Managers to:
– Monitor and tailor campaigns to proactively engage with consumers throughout their life cycle
– Access their data on-the-go using secure log-ins
– Gain an understanding of which recruitment channels are most effective both in terms of cost and in generating loyal long-term customers.
– Further, understand their customers’ digital journey in order to help improve their customer experience.


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