Project Description

AA Ireland understood that the best multi-channel customer service provides a seamless experience.
However, with almost a quarter of a million customers across a variety of product holdings, in order to create this seamless experience, AA Ireland needed the ability to track customers, their products and their communications across every channel.


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Customer experience
Data integrity


As strategic partners for over a decade, AA Ireland turned to Dataconversion to design, develop and implement a Single View of its Customers (SVC).

The solution involves pulling the huge amount of data from all the various channels before matching and de-duping the occurrences of common customers which are created as a result of their existing architecture: multiple product holdings stored in difference application back-end database systems.

The solution first required the design of the Common Customer File (CCF) which stores common customer information which has been retrieved from the various silos of customer profiles such as Insurance data or Membership data sources.

The imported data is then cleansed including standardisation of addresses and other relevant information. An automated matching process is then carried out, identifying duplicate customers both within the same and across different data sources.


The end result gives AA Ireland a single version of the truth in relation to its data.

This means it can trust the integrity of its data and use it in a meaningful way.

Dataconversion’s solution forms the basis of customer identification across AA’s different channels; is the single source for all marketing activity across the company; and is the foundation for all customer analysis including renewal propensity modelling.

By building a full and personalised picture of the AA’s customer and their journey, AA Ireland now has increased ability to improve customer experience levels, achieve higher customer retention and conversion rates and increase overall customer lifetime value.


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